This project.

This project.

(Hello dear visitors.

I am but a fan of the great story of Forgotten Conqueror, written by Za1d3. But recently, the author has dropped this great story and has stopped responding or posting.

This blog is a project of mine to continue on the great story Za1d3 has written, starting at the 3rd book, after chapter 48 of the second book. I am a free-time writer, just starting out.

I am not trying to live off his succes or get his fans, only to continue this masterpiece with a writing style and story I hope you will like as well. I am doing this for my own satisfaction, but am always open to criticism or corrections and would like to share the continuation I came up with with you guys. As I said, all credit for the characters, world and ideas goes to the original author.

If anyone affiliated with the writer or the writer himself has an objection to me doing this, I will keep my fantasizing to myself and remove this whole blog.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!)


As the great Za1d3 has returned, I am going to write my own story. Hope you like it 🙂


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