Book 3: Prologue

In a dark room in the eastern part of the house stood a young girl holding a small ring to her chest. “Hasen” She whispered.

“Can I talk to Kai?”

The ring started emitting a dim silver light, and she smiled happily.


“Hello, dear little sister” A soft but steady voice entered her ears through the wind. “Have you been well?”

Her mouth turned into an even wider smile upon hearing the voice she had been longing to hear for the past turn. “Yes!”  Anise replied.

“How are Mom and Dad faring? And how is little Lance coming along?” Kaiden asked through the ring.

“Kai! Guess what! Lance just walked his first steps to Mommy! Mommy had a big smile on her face and Daddy celebrated by bringing us a lot of Mulse cakes! And Lance cried only four times the past turn! And….” Anise whispered excitedly.

“Sounds like he is growing up into a fine brother, isn’t he?” Kaiden said, after listening to his sister’s happy statements for a few minutes.

“Yes, but not as great as you, Kai!” Anise replied. “I love you, Kai!”

“I love you too, my sweet sister” Kaiden replied. “I have to go now, be good to Lance and our parents.”

“Of course! Bye Kai!” Anise’s smile weakened slightly as the ring stopped emitting light.


As the carefree conversation in the eastern land of Darsus ended, a turmoil started in the far northern Malpaars.

As captain of a ship she called the greatest ever made, the Maid Marie, she had a well-earning job and a rowdy but loving crew. Having sailed the seas between Darsus and Malpaars even in times of unrest and war, she and her crew were known for their bravery.

She had always intended to work as a captain issued for trade and prosperity, but her actions a few turns ago had made her to be highly esteemed in the eyes of those who wanted to flee from Malpaars or enter Malpaars to rescue beloved ones, which caused her to become more of a smuggler over the last few turns.

She and her men refused at first because of the dangers, but money started to take a bigger role as a small inflation started in Malpaars because of the new royal advisor being slightly inexperienced, and thus she eventually gave in.

Being the 23rd routine trip to Malpaars, she was not worried anymore about pirates or the like. Her name was well-known among the pirates. The “Captain of the Falling Sun”, the one who, upon being attacked by a small fleet of pirate ships, had evaporated them with shining beams of light, until not even the ash would reach the seabed.

She knew it was not her doing, but that of a young mage with black hair who had travelled with her the second time she went to Malpaars. Nonetheless, she had taken the title out of convenience.

As she lay on the deck, her eyes swimming in thought about completely random things, screams of anxiousness and panic erupted from around her. She sprang up, and looked out to the horizon.

There, she saw a fleet consisting of no less than twelve large gallions, sailing in her direction, with a green-colored flag fluttering in the wind.

Her heart sank. That green-colored flag depicting an overgrown skull could mean only one thing. The person she had been trying to avoid for almost her entire adulthood had finally found her.

She rushed to the back of the ship. “Pirates! Starboard! Full turn! At maximum speed!” she yelled to her crew.

The ship started to tilt, almost capsizing as it slowly turned around.

She looked out in horror as the gallions in the distance etched ever closer. As her doom crept ever closer.

Her heart beat in rhythm with the drums of the ship. They had almost reached the shore, where they could disperse and flee. Her mind was racing.

They had finally reached the shore. She rushed out of the boat, commanding her crew to take the passengers to a safe place. Her heart broke as she parted with the boat which had been a lifelong friend. She ran and ran until she came to the port city. And there she stood, frozen in fear, as she saw her doom standing before her with a smile on his face. He spoke.

“Welcome back, ‘sister’.”


Far above the lands of Malpaars, a young boy rode the wind as a giant black serpent flew aside him. He started to lower his altitude, and the young Zirus followed suit.

“Krurraaaaaaah” A few confused cries of the Hvaral sounded through the air.

“We’re almost there. Now keep silent. If you will, you’ll be having wolf meat again for dinner” Kaiden said to the serpent.

“Kruuuuu” Zirus spun happily around his arm.

He landed smoothly in a grass field just outside the city. Kaidus willed Zion to come down, and put him on as a dark red cloak, covering his body and face. He started walking stealthily towards the city walls, jumping from shadow to shadow to avoid being seen. He waited for a while and, with the changing of the guards, slipped into the city.

He entered an inn near the city gates, the ‘Striving Horseman’. As he walked in, a few dubious glances were shot in his direction by the rugged men having rowdy conversations.

“How much would a room cost for a night?”, he asked the receptionist, ignoring the soft laughter of the men behind him.

“3 erns for a night. 5 erns if breakfast and dinner is included.” The woman answered with a polite smile.

He took out 10 erns from his pouch and laid them on the counter. “Two nights worth, please.” he said.

“Very well.” The woman replied after counting the metallic pieces. “Follow me.” she gestured.

Kaiden was brought to a fairly spacious room on the second floor, illuminated by a small lamp on the nightstand. Inside of the lamp was a very small stone emitting bright light.

“I see this is one of the finer inns.” he told the receptionist.

“How sharp of you to notice, esteemed sir. Yes, that is one of our most revered tools, the magic lamp. A fragment of a fire or light jae continually absorbs the mana from the atmosphere and conducts it into light. Those are fairly difficult to procure, but it has given our inn a great raise in status, as you can see.” she said with a proud smile.

“Thank you for showing me to my room. You may leave now”. Kaiden curtsied.

After the receptionist had left, Kaiden tried to put everything in his mind into place. He had traced the mana in the ring to this city, where multiple signatures were emitting the same vile aura. “Tal’hrus” he thought to himself. He took a bite of his lunch and shared some meat with Zirus.

As he finished the meal, a few screams were coming from outside. He stood up and walked to the window. Men and women were running all over the place, some with ragged clothes, others with weapons and big physiques chasing the former ones. Kaidus saw how multiple women were captured and brought to a building in the middle of the city. Wearing his cloak, he slipped into the shadows and chased after them.

He got up on the roof of the giant building with small glass plates in the ceiling. Kaiden saw the women being brought in with chains on their hands and feet, and being moved to a compartment behind the curtains of a giant stage. Upon the stage stood a man yelling prices for a naked woman caged behind him. “An auction. Those filthy bastards.” he thought to himself.

He gestured Zion. Suddenly a small tempest appeared on the back side of the building, silently smashing a window as it blocked out the sound. Kaiden let loose of the roof and slid into the opening, then restored the window to its original state.

He was in a closet. Opening the door, he saw a large passage with cages on the side. Multiple women were tied up, sitting on the ground or on wooden chairs with lifeless eyes. A girl about 3 years older than him saw him and her eyes lit up for a second, then returned to their colorless state as she confirmed the age of the boy.

Kaidus walked past the women until he reached a bloody cage. Inside was a naked woman lying on the ground, with multiple scars, cuts and black spots all over her body. Kaidus remembered a woman lying in exactly such a state. A woman he had held dear to him in a previous life. A woman which had been reduced to such a state, the murdered, before his very own eyes. The memories of his mother filled him with rage.

He infused his arms with mana and ripped open the cage. A few of the women around him shrieked. A magical voice sounded in all of their minds:

“If you want to live, and live as humans, come with me. Whether you will be freed from your problems is entirely up to your choices. But I can at least guarantee an escape from this life.”

He put his hands on the naked woman before him, and willed his mana into her. The scars and bruises started disappearing, and her eyes started regaining their color. A few women stood up and the rest soon followed. A godsend had come before them, an angel which would heal their wounds and guide them to a better life, they thought.

He took out his sword which flashed with a green light, and cut open all cages with one strike. The women stumbled out, with both fear and reverence in their eyes.

He broke the door to the basement.

He saw the auctioneer gazing over wonderingly, then commanding his men to come and seize him. But there was no recognition of those words is Kaidus’ mind. He told the women to stay in the basement for a while, and closed up the hole behind him with earth magic.

The auctioneer’s eyes flashed with fear for a moment. “Seize him. Kill him. Do whatever you want, but get those girls back!” he yelled to the guards.

As the men closed in on him, Kaidus saw only a frozen world. A world where men were in a fighting stance with their mouths gaping, a world where the men and women in the audience were looking distressed. A world where the bastard who mutilated the woman in the basement was still alive.

He commanded. “Zion. Vishan. Leave no one alive.”

The two spirits swam through the air delightedly, seeing the change in their master’s mood, and a burst of light burst forth inside the hall.

A raging tempest swelled up and shredded the stage. The auctioneer, a man named Rav, watched his legs flailing in the air, as he was sliced into four pieces. The light robbed everyone in the hall of their eyesight, permanently blinding them. As the people stumbled into each other, they felt a liquid flooding the floor. The once white ground was now stained red with the blood of everyone around them. A man ran and stumbled on a rolling head. He suddenly felt a great pain in his chest, as his heart was ripped out by a piercing wind and sliced into pieces. Lifeless, he dropped to the ground beside his blood-covered wife.

A few of the guards spun their swords around in hopes of defending themselves or slicing the intruder, only to lop each other’s body parts off.

As the carnage raged before him, Kaiden took out his own sword and started slicing more people in half. His sword hit the metal plate of the head of a guard. Instead of deflecting the sword, the metal plate broke and crushed the inside of the skull.

Seeing only one more man standing around alive, he held his sword to the man’s body and sliced his arms and legs off. The man opened his mouth to scream, only to have his tongue sliced off as well.

Kaidus darkened the hall and opened the door to the basement again. As the women and girls were being led outside, some of them felt nausea because of the smell of blood and rotting bodies, but they could not see what had transpired in the hall.

After exiting the building, Kaidus gestured the women to move away from the road. Suddenly, the building lit up in flames, and a giant column of flames rose to the skies. Panicked screams came from all around him.

People stared out of their windows in horror to the giant pile of ash and stone that was once their city hall. As the streets became filled with clamor, Kaidus led the women to a street near his inn and gestured them to wait for him near the fountain.

He flew up into the skies, and started his search for the vile mana of Tal’hrus. To soothe his rage, only death was allowed as compensation.

“I will find them. And they will wish that they had never set foot upon this earth”

I hope you guys like this first chapter. As always, all credit for the characters and ideas goes to the original author, Za1d3

Tell me if I can improve anything, from my grammar to the way I build the story. For example, is there enough, too much or too little carnage?

Anyways, till the next! I plan to get chapters out roughly every 3-4 days, if this is appreciated or well-recieved.


-update: edited for grammar


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